Normandy: Lisieux City (House of St. Thérèse) and Rouen

A day dedicated to religion and history. On this tour we propose to visit the cities of Lisieux, famous for the existence of Santa Terezinha and Rouen where he died Jeanne d’Arc.

Lisieux is located in the heart of Normandy and owes its fame to St. Therese. Let us show you the places where she spent her childhood (Buissonnets) and the churches she most frequented St. James and St. Peter (sec. XII), with the obligatory stop at the Basilica of Santa Terezinha which was erected in her honor in 1937.

The city of Rouen, located in Upper Normandy, was one of the most prosperous cities of northern Europe in the Middle Ages, it is divided by the River Seine, which enhances its charm. Rouen has great historical significance because it was the place where Jeanne d’Arc was executed during the Hundred Years War and later local painter Monet’s inspiration. We will see the « Gros-Horloge », Notre Dame Cathedral, Jeanne d’Arc Museum and the antiquarian district.


Duration: 10 hours
Departure: 7:30am
Available every day except from mid-November to mid-December
Depart and return to the hotel
Guides available in English with optional booking