Navparis Contract of Services

By this particular instrument service contract, that on one side it is called: NavParis-legal entity of private law, hereinafter referred to as simply « NavParis ». From other part hereinaftercalled simply as « Contractor ».

I) Objective

This agreement aims to consent the conditions of the services provided by the company Navparis SARL along with its customer/contractor.

1.1 Budget: The budget, which is an integral part of this instrument, is valid for a period of 15 days, from the date of the contract dispatch to the contractor. The reservation of the provision of the requested service will be validated only after payment of the Deposit or the total amount contracted (see item 3.1).

2) Requisition of services

2.1-The services provided by Navparis will only be considered effectively engaged after reservation made via email and upon payment of the full part or the deposit referred to in item 3.1 below;

2.2-All the services requested by the contractor must be confirmed by the reservation service of Navparis;

2.3 Waiting Time

2.3.1-Arrival at airports:
Flights from the European Union (EU): the meeting time will be fixed at 30 min after the schedule for the landing. For flights from outside the EU the meeting time be set to 60 min after the schedule for the landing.
The driver will wait up to 30 minutes from the time fixed for the meeting. After this deadline, the contractor will be charged an additional 50€ per hour. If the client/contractor do not attend and do not notify the driver it will be considered as a NO SHOW.
For external reasons, we keep the same rightsfor the driver to arrivelate at most 30 min. We will do our best to inform you of this delay by the phone informed during the booking. The meeting point is always in front of the automatic doors right after the baggage claim area. The driver will have a board with the customer’s name.
2.3.2-Delay/Cancellation of flight: in case of flight delay or flight cancellation, it is the duty of the contractor to notify the contracted about the change for possible reorganization of services, otherwise it is subject to penalties (as specified in 4.2 items).
2.3.3-Departure to airports: the standby time is a maximum of 15 minutes. We suggest our clients to get in touch with the booking service 4 hours before the time fixed for the departure to the airport, if there are any complications of weather so we can rearrange the departure time;
2.3.4-Departure to tours:the waitingtime is a maximum of 30 minutes from the scheduled time. In case of delay of the passenger exceeding this time, it will be considered desistance of the contracted services (see 4.2). The waiting time will be deducted to the rest of the service. For external reasons, we keep the same rights for driver to arrive late within 30 min, knowing that the time of the circuit will count from the moment the driver get to the customer’s hotel.

2.4-The number of people, the number and the volume of baggage should be reported accurately.

2.5-The price includes the vehicle, the driver, safety for people transported, fuel, tolls and parking services.

2.6-For registered clients the usual conditions will be applied.

3) Forms of payments


3.1.1-Deposit: The contractor engages to make the payment of the deposit of at least 30% of the amount of contracted services after confirmation of the contract. Otherwise, the contract loses its validity and a new reservation will be necessary asNavparisis not be able to ensure the provision of the service. For transfer, show and dinner services a payment of 100% is required.
3.1.2-Payment of deposit: It will be held at the NAVPARIS Web site through the Credit Agricole system.

3.2-At the vehicle

3.2.1-Debit card: we accept VISA and MASTERCARD
3.2.2-Cash:we only accept cash payment in Euro.

3.3-Total Payment Service: should be made at the time of departure for the tour. If there are additional services, these shall be paid at the end of the driver tour.

3.3.1-For customers in « compta » the add-in will be added on the invoice.

4) Cancellation of services

4.1-All cancellations of service must be forwarded in writing and signed by the contractor to the e-mail address , for it to be evaluated by the reservation service;

4.2-In any case of cancellation, 30% of the value of the contracted service will not be refunded.

4.3-Cancellation policy:

4.3.1-Cancellation Period:
All cancellation must respect a maximum period to request cancellation of the contract (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are considered and are part of that period).
– Regarding tickets to shows and/or dinners: no refunds.
Tours and driver with car services: less than 24 hours prior to the provision will be billed 30% of the total value;
-Transfer: less than 24 hours will be billed 50%. In case the contractor does not notify its cancellation, will be billed 100%

5) Request for refund

5.1-Any request for reimbursement must be forwarded to the email with all the data needed for the refund;

5.2-The refund will be made within 30 days from the date of the request;

5.3-For all refund it will be charged a service fee. For values less than 100€ the fee is 15€, for values above 100€ the fee is 15€ plus 1% of the total amount to be refunded.

6) Violation of the conditions prescribed in the contract:any breach of the conditions laid down in the contract is subject to penalties or supplements.

6.1-All service in which the client does not meet the deadline for cancellation or annulment will be 100% invoiced of the contracted service;

6.2-The client has as duty to inform immediately all delays, either by delays or cancellations of flight, flight connection loss, problems with customs, baggage loss or damage arising, as well as any reason to have more than 30 min delay or 1 hour as defined in the waiting time of the transfer. If this occurs the service will be penalized (item 2.3.1). The contact number is + 33 (0) 175409703 or + 33 (0) 660684441.

6.3-NAVPARIS cannot be held responsible of the contingencies caused by external elements such as: accidents, closed roads, weather conditions, deviations, traffic jam, police interventions, among others.

7) Supplements:

The values of services provided may come together with a tariff supplement for some special dates:

7.1-Christmas and New Yearholidays:It will be charged a bonus of 100% for December 24th 31st after 12am, as well as the December 25th and January 1st.

7.2-Labor Day:On May 1st it will be billed a surcharge of 50%.

7.3-Nightly Rate: a 25% supplement for the services rendered between 9pm and 7am.

7.4-In case of exceedingthe total time and/or Km of contracted service it will be billed an extra tax at the end of the service. The value of the extra tax will be shown in the budget.

8) Contact us:

we are always listening to our customers. For any suggestion, testimonials or complaint, please send an email to the address All mail must be identified with the name of the Contracting Party and the date of the service contract. For complaints or suggestions we guarantee an answer as soon as possible.

9) Insurance:

The responsibility of Navparis is limited to the clauses of our security contract. Passengers are ensured by a professional insurance in accordance with the French laws in force. The contractor is free to hire an additional insurance at his/her own cost.

10) General information

10.1-We inform our clients that Navparis shall not be liable for inconvenience and delays caused by bad weather, traffic jams, delays or cancellations of flights, lost objects on the sidewalks or forgotten objects in vehicles.

10.2-Any damage caused to the vehicle by passengers will be the responsibility of the contractor.

10.3-No smoking, drinking (except water) and eat inside the vehicle.

10.4-The use of seat belts is obligatory both in front and in the rear seats.

11) Immigration:

The Contracting Party declares to have followed all legal French immigration authorities, being the services stay provided by Navparis in France legal and valid, responding exclusively, including criminally, by the falsity of the statement here declared, which Navparis in good faith receives.

12) Applicable law:

This Agreement shall be governed exclusively as prerogatives of the French legislation in force at the time of service.
And to be fair and contracted parties, sign this contract.